Food Safety Check Program

Food Safety Check Program

Food Safety Check Program

Food Safety Check Program

Is this food prepared hygienically and is safe to eat? A most common question in our minds when we eating out!

SFSS and Nav Labs (Aus) jointly introduced FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM to give retailers and consumers a confidence that food produced is safe to eat, quality and legal to sell.

Every food business has a common objective – Quality, Safe and Legal Food

The retailers participate in Food Safety Check program are committed to selling a food that is of highest quality, legal to sell and safe to eat.  These businesses are confident that their commitment to food safety and quality assurance will withstand the FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM challenge at any time of day or night and on any day of the week, any week of the year.

Participants in FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM are willing to have their food tested by Nav Lbs (Aus) and their premises hygiene condition audited, by SFSS Certification Australia auditors.

The retailer is never notified when their food will be sampled and the facility will be audited.  They are not aware that their food preparation areas will be audited for GMP and GHP. So they must be ready at all the time, just as you would hope when you place your food order.

When we audit and detects a problem, the owner must quickly fix the problem and a follow-up is scheduled to prove that action has been effective.

This program gives confidence that your food retailer is always food safety and food quality conscious. This program is a Food Safety Monitoring Program for food service and retailers.

FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM provides food retailers and consumers an confidence that the food is safe.

The SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM includes microbiological analysis of food for the four major bacterial food pathogens, Listeria monocytogenesSalmonella spp. Campylobacter spp. and Escherichia coli. Hygiene indicators coliform, enterobacteriaceae , staphylococcus. Food is sampled on four separate occasions throughout the year.  Hygiene audits of the food preparation and serving area of the premises are made on two separate occasions throughout the year. The cost will be a cup of coffee per day.

The FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM is co-coordinated by Nav Labs (Aus) and SFSS Certification Australia, Food safety, testing and auditing over 20 years practical experience in the food industry.

Benefits to Retailers:

The program participation demonstrates that you are committed to food safety and sell food that is good quality, safe to eat and legal to sell.  Your customers feel confident that you are testing your food independently for their benefit.

FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM is not very expensive to adopt, it will cost approximately equal a cup of coffee per day, Call Harjinder on 0411717838 to discuss the cost.

FOOD SAFETY CHECK PROGRAM improves your existing food safety program by providing an independent assessment of the effectiveness of your food safety program.

How this Program works:

  • Four times food sample tests for the major food poisoning bacteria
  • Two hygiene and GMP audits conducted by qualified auditor
  • Written reports with conformity and non-conformity comments
  • Food Safety Check Program logo and certificate to display on premises
  • Up-to-date information on food safety issues and recalls via email

To find out cost and participate in this program, call Harjinder Singh on 0411717838 or email .

Your information package will be delivered within one week of the payment. The first sampling will occur within 4 weeks and your first audit will occur within two months.