Food Testing

Food Testing

Food Testing

SFSS Certification Australia is working closely with Nav Labs (Aus) – Food testing laboratory. The laboratory is well recognised in food industry sector not only for its testing ability but also for the best customer service.

We are experts in meat industry testing programs including ESAM, Regulatory Listeria Management Program, Cleaning Verifications, Shelf life Validations and Verifications.

The Laboratory staff includes experienced microbiologists and food safety experts.

Nav Labs (AUS) Laboratory testing scope includes products, Meat and meat products, Poultry and poultry products, Mixed Foods, Sample collection, Testing of surfaces in abattoirs, Meat surfaces, Product contact surfaces, Microbiological tests for monitoring defined environments, Surfaces. We test RTE meat for Listeria Management Program, water activity, pH, nitrites, mould in dry aged beef, TVC, E coli, Coliforms, Salmonella, Listeria, Coagulase +ve staph, Enterobacteriaceae, Yeast and Moulds, Allergens.

Also, we conduct chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, physical analysis,  sensory analysis, Accelerated shelf life testing and Challenge testing.

We review our clients certificate of analysis, check against allowable limits and advise corrective actions where results are out of specified limits.

Our clients are getting the best service with low cost.

Dr. Bryan highly qualified microbiologist is always ready to help our customers with the best advice.

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